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I devoured a lot of relatives before I was born again, says KABI WA JESUS, a well-known cousin eater.


Controversial Before he was reborn, YouTuber and video producer Kabi WaJesus had a bad habit of sleeping with his cousins.

During a fellowship session, Kabi—who already has a child with one of his cousins—made the startling disclosure.

Before he was reborn, Kabi said, sleeping with his relatives was not a problem.

He disclosed that he slept with numerous other cousins in addition to his cousin Shiku, with whom they have a daughter.

“Most of you in this room are aware of what transpired last year, and there was a time when one of my cousins came out and claimed that we had slept together and had a child. This was not a problem before I was born again, and she wasn’t the first. What are you talking about when I have slept with so many other people? Praise the Lord, Mwenye alipata mimba huyo tu ndio mnajua (The one who got pregnant is the only one you guys know) said Kabi.



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