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Due to Switzerland’s legalization of same-sex unions, gay and lesbian couples can now get married there.

Following a referendum that made same-sex marriage legal in the nation, the first same-sex marriages took place on Friday, July 1.

Pictures from the nation, where same-sex marriage is now officially legal, show gay and lesbian couples getting married.

The marriages occurred nine months after the nation approved same-sex unions in a vote on September 26 of last year.

In a national referendum, more than 64% of Swiss voters supported the “Marriage for All” bill.

Starting today, same-sex couples can now change their registered partnership into a marriage.

Additionally, they are eligible to seek for joint child adoption and the right to inherit a deceased partner’s pension.

Aline, 46, and Laure, 45, who have been together for 21 years and transformed their civil partnership into marriage at the Palais Eynard in Geneva, were among the first to wed.

They explained how they had waited for this day for the previous 21 years.

We sent out the invitations at the last minute, Laure told Euronews. There will also be some of our friends and relatives.

It’s quite exciting, and we are pleased to be able to speak for all marriages.

Both of them are Geneva natives, and the couple registered as partners in 2014. They later had a son, who is now four, who was carried by Laure thanks to medical assistance.

The first ceremony was performed in person by the Mayor of Geneva, Marie Barbey-Chappuis, who declared, “I am now extremely glad to announce that you are formally married.”

Opponents of the Swiss government’s plans to legalize “marriage for all” successfully sparked a referendum on the matter that was held in September.

However, 64.1% of voters supported the legalization of same-sex unions, which made it possible for the weddings to go place today.


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