Home Entertainment An alligator is wed by a Mexican mayor in a colorful wedding.

An alligator is wed by a Mexican mayor in a colorful wedding.


An alligator was wed to a Mexican mayor in accordance with a long-standing custom.

In order to pray for prosperity in the community of San Pedro Huamelula in southwest Mexico, Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa wed the alligator as it was dressed in a wedding gown.

The Little Princess, a seven-year-old reptile, is regarded as a divinity who represents Mother Earth.

For the locals, the union, which was sealed with a kiss, represented the connection of humanity with the divine.

The traditional music played during the wedding ceremony included trumpets, drums, and dancing guests.

Men fanning it with their hats as the mayor led the alligator bride through the streets.

The Chontal and Huave indigenous populations in the state of Oaxaca claim that the odd marriage process has been practiced there for hundreds of years, dating back to pre-Hispanic times.

“We ask nature for enough rain, for enough food, that there be fish in the river,” Mayor Sosa stated.

See photos and video of the wedding ceremony.

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