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A sluggish coward, UHURU! Now, RUTO describes the tedious labor he undertook to install UHURU in the State House.


Before his epic clash with Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto used his campaigns to spread his hustler agenda in Meru County.

The DP used the rallies to respond to leaked tape that appears to show he nearly slapped President Uhuru Kenyatta when he nearly handed the presidency to Raila in the aftermath of their 2017 triumph being declared invalid by the Supreme Court.

Ruto insisted that he had no intention of letting Uhuru abandon what they had worked for.

He described how he put a lot of effort into making sure Uhuru won reelection in the 2017 general election.

And to the complete shock of many, Ruto disclosed that he was the one who carried out the bulk of the work in 2013 and 2017, rising as early as 4 am, and that by the time Kenyatta joined them, he would have completed numerous sessions.

Because Uhuru was his friend, Ruto stated, “there is no way I would let Raila take that seat away from him.” Ruto used to get up early and have three campaigns while Uhuru was still asleep and relaxing in bed.

Because of this, according to Ruto, he pressured Uhuru to run in the second round of the presidential election because he couldn’t bear to see his efforts go to waste.

“I could not let it go,” he said. “I pushed him till he consented since he is my friend. Nilimkaza kweli kweli mpaka akakubali kwa sababu ni rafiki yangu.”



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