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RAILA will not believe what MUTAHI NGUNYI says about the assassination attempt on MARTHA KARUA in Kisii County on Thursday.

Mutahi Ngunyi, a well-known political analyst, has identified the politician who planned to kill Azimio’s running mate, Martha Karua, at Gusii Stadium on Thursday.

When a teargas canister was thrown at the VIP platform during Karua’s speech at an Azimio rally, she was compelled to cut her speech short.

An army of bodyguards that were prepared to disperse any threat fled Karua to safety.

Later, the leader of the Narc Kenya party informed her fans that she was fine by posting the simple statement, “Mission accomplished in Kisii now traveling to the airport,” on her Twitter account.

Ngunyi, a state house blogger who responded to the tragedy, claimed that it was an effort to kill Martha Karua in the Kisii incident.

He added that the person who carried out Karua’s murder and failed to expel more is the one who benefited from it.

Who BENEFITS if Martha is assassinated? That is the QUI BONO question. The BENEFICIARY of the Kisii EXPLOSION is the one who DID it. That simple,” Ngunyi stated.


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