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RAILA ODINGA criticizes DP RUTO’s platform and claims he neglected to mention corruption.


THE RAILA ODINGA The Kenya Kwanza manifesto has been derided by the country’s former prime minister Raila Odinga as unimpressive and filled with false promises and catchphrases that do not provide solutions to Kenyans’ concerns.

Raila, who was joined by his running companion Martha Karua, claimed that Ruto had neglected to address important concerns including corruption when speaking at a rally in Nyamira County on Friday.

“You watched how they unveiled their manifesto yesterday. The major issue is that I have not heard a single mention of corruption. He promises to raise wages and boost the economy, but he says nothing about corruption, and we all know why. DP RUTO’s platform and that he neglected to confront the corruption problem.

Raila has previously complained that the much-anticipated and postponed Kenya Kwanza manifesto included hollow promises and lacked a clear strategy for combating corruption through his spokesperson, Prof. Makau Mutua.

The largest group of dubious political figures this nation has ever encountered call Kenya Kwanza home. Convicts and suspected of economic crimes and corruption against Kenyan citizens are housed under its enormous tent.

“Ruto is a person who frequently causes controversy. He has been charged with numerous financial offenses and corrupt activities. It is understandable why Ruto and Kenya Kwanza have no agenda or strategy to deal with corruption, which is the main obstacle to our nation’s progress, Makau Mutua said in a statement to the press.



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