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Merely one day after lowering the price of UNGA by only Sh 2, UHURU’s representative, CS MUNYA, advises Kenyans to quit eating UGALI and instead consume these kinds of meals to go with it.


The administration of President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked Kenyans to swap out Ugali for other dishes since it is becoming more expensive.

Peter Munya, the cabinet secretary for agriculture, said in a statement on Friday that Kenyans should seek out alternative grains like millet, sorghum, and arrow roots since they are local, more cost-effective, and healthful due to the skyrocketing price of maize flour.

Munya pointed out that Kenyans can choose from a range of meals in order to reduce their reliance on maize. However, he insisted that efforts are being made by the government to obtain cheaper corn in nearby nations.

“Many different kinds of food are farmed in Kenya. We have several different foods available. In situations like this, where there is a shortage, we can eat various local cuisines. We can accept foods like millet and sorghum.

“I’m not saying we won’t solve this issue, but we can also learn something about the range of options we have and how to investigate them,” said CS Munya.

A day after the government announced a decrease in the price of unga from Sh 230 for 2kg to Sh 228, Munya gave her speech.

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