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If elected president in August, RUTO vows to offer free internet and phone calls. Is this another lie from the Sugoi man?


If he wins the general election on August 9th, Deputy President William Ruto has pledged to give every home free internet and phone service.

Ruto said that after doing the math, Ksh38 billion would be needed to ensure that every family had free internet when introducing the Hustler Fund in Kiambu.

He said that the internet program will follow in the footsteps of the Jubilee government’s Last Mile Connectivity Program, which was created with the goal of bringing electricity to every area of the nation by the year 2022.

As Kenya Kwanza, we have made the decision to link every home in Kenya to the internet in the same way that we accomplished with the Last Mile Connectivity electricity program.

“We will transmit to any building with an electrical grid, including a home, a market, and a school. The project will cost at least Ksh38 billion, according to the math done by the team, Ruto said.

The scheme will enable Kenyans to conduct business operations without being hampered by a shortage of bundles or airtime, according to the second-in-command. The young people will be able to operate their companies online, he vowed.

We’ll have to wait and see if Ruto actually keeps this promise, as he previously offered free internet to young people in 2017 but never followed through on it.

The DP declared the free internet initiative will assist the kids in finding employment on their own in an effort to reduce youth unemployment.



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