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Here is Prof. GEORGE WAJACKOYAH’s complete manifesto, about which everyone is currently talking.

Yesterday, Prof. George Wajackoyah, a presidential contender for the Roots Party, revealed his divisive platform, which is already upsetting Kenyans.

While some Kenyans support Wajackoyah’s vision, others disapproved of him for trying to deceive the country’s youth with some of the ideas in his manifesto.

Here is the complete manifesto of Wajackoya.

  1. Marijuana will be made legal!

If Wajackoyah is elected president, he will legalize marijuana. He claimed that one acre of marijuana might produce Ksh8 million in a single harvest. He promised to utilize marijuana sales to pay off Kenya’s $10 trillion debt.

  1. We’ll have exotic snakes!

Each poisonous snake farmer in Kenya would make an average of Ksh600,000 each vial of anti-venom if we practiced snake farming there. A vial of cobra anti-venom, for instance, will bring in $6,300 for a cobra farmer. A Kenyan farmer will earn $5,300 per vial if we gather black mamba anti-venom.

  1. Dog meat will be exported!

Six times as much money is spent on a kilogram of dog meat as on a kilogram of goat meat. The Middle East receives beef, goat, and lamb exports from Kenya. For instance, a kilogram of goat costs Ksh400 on average. However, we will get Ksh. 2,400 per kilogram if we export dog meat.

  1. We’ll Hang the Unclean!

Anyone discovered to have stolen public funds will be publicly hanged. No more Kimwarer and Arror, no more Kimwarer, and no more Goldenberg!

  1. We’ll terminate SGR!

We’ll demolish monuments of Chinese colonialism. Along the road, all Chinese statues will be demolished. With our own funds, we will develop our own rail networks.

  1. Four days of work are planned!

Each Kenyan will only labor for four days. There will be holidays on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every two weeks, Kenyans will receive their wages. Kenya will have a 24-hour economy as well!

  1. The Constitution will be put on hold!

The constitution’s ineffective provisions will be suspended. We’ll find out what the populace wants.

  1. Isiolo will become the next capital city!

Kenya’s geographic center is Isiolo. Declaring Isiolo the administrative hub of Kenya is analogous to making Canberra the capital of Australia. Nairobi will be replaced by Isiolo as the nation’s capital.

  1. We’ll Establish 8 States!

We’ll present eight regional states. Every country will have a federal government that will grant each community the authority to decide for itself.

10. We will Deport Idle Foreigners!

We will deport foreign idlers who have taken over Kenyan jobs.


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