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See what he said that has enraged the mountain? Kikuyus now despise RIGATHI GACHAGUA with a passion for portraying them as people who only enjoy food and nothing else.

Rigathi Gachagua, a member of parliament for Mathira, has gained notoriety for his wild statements since since Deputy President William Ruto chose him as his running mate.

Many people, notably Kikuyus, were offended by his rash statements since they painted them as destitute people who simply wanted food and handouts.

Gachagua made headlines in May of this year when he encouraged Ruto to invite Kikuyus to the Sagana State Lodge to have rice and beef with leaders if he wins the campaign in August.

And on Tuesday, the MP sparked yet another controversy when he declared that if he were to be elected as the next vice president, he would utilize a portion of the billions that the Jubilee government had frozen owing to alleged corruption to construct a lavish residence in Kieni.

Gachagua further asserted that his opulent home will include a Nyama Choma base where men might gather and eat together.

“You are aware that the government has frozen my accounts. I’ll get my money back when we win the election, then I’ll come to Kieni and build a house so you can come and see me.

Gachagua declared, “I’ll create a wonderful house and a nice spot where guys can grill meat and also drink what we drink while we converse.”

He said he would also set up a special base for women, where they would come to visit his wife and share porridge with her while dancing and singing.

In order to accommodate the women, Ruto’s running mate remarked, “We will have a wonderful spot for them where they will be coming to visit Mama Gachagua while they drink porridge while singing and dancing.”

His remarks come just two months after Gachagua declared that he had already established a committee in which 35 bulls would be killed as soon as IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati announced Ruto as the winner of the election.

Ruto is saying, “Wamesema watapigia Ruto kura lakini hawataki kuja Nairobi ukiapishwa. TV screen at Wanataka Wafunguliwe State Lodge. Imeshatengenezwa kamati. Vote of thanks tayari, Ng’ombe 35 zitachinjwa, mbuzi, mchele na soda hata wameweka mtu,” he remarked.


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