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RAILA ODINGA celebrated with UHURU when he covertly sold MOMBASA, LAMU, and KISUMU ports to foreigners, according to DP RUTO


President Uhuru Kenyatta is allegedly selling Mombasa, Lamu, and Kisumu ports in secret, according to Vice President William Ruto.

Kenya Kwanza claimed in a statement released on Wednesday by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Director of Communications, Wanjohi Githae, that Uhuru drafted the agreement to auction the ports during his covert trips to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the final agreement being signed at Raila Odinga’s birthday party in Mombasa.

According to Ruto’s faction, Uhuru approved the agreement that will see the Dubai-based corporation take over management of the three ports.

Today, we disclose to Kenyans a covert scheme by the departing Handshake Government of Raila and Uhuru to forcibly mortgage our ports in Mombasa, Lamu, and Kisumu to a foreign nation.

According to the statement, “Uhuru has assented to a rip-off that will see a foreign privately registered entity – Dubai Port World FZE – take over these key national infrastructural assets in a secret deal disguised as an Economic Cooperation Agreement with the United Arab Emirates and which epitomizes grand corruption.”

In fact, why would a government that had fewer than five weeks left in office surreptitiously and hastily sell off all of our ports’ management, development, and management to a foreign organization?

The DP challenged the Uhuru-led administration to defend the risky transfer of Kenyan assets to a foreign power in the name of advancing personal interests.

Uhuru has not yet addressed the DP allegations.



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