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Now that August is approaching, look at how merciless MIGUNA MIGUNA is about protecting his votes. After this, UHURU and RAILA won’t try to rig him again.

Exiled attorney Miguna Miguna is taking no chances when it comes to the election in August.

Deputy President William Ruto has received advice from Miguna, a fervent supporter of the DP, on how to win the election in August. He thinks that following his abrupt departure from the nation, only Ruto, not Raila Odinga, can bring him back.

As a result, he is doing every effort to ensure that Ruto wins the August presidential election.

Miguna instructed Ruto to place untouchable guards at each voting place to protect his votes so that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deep State would never be able to manipulate the results.

“DP William Ruto and Kenya Kwanza must station at least five reliable, unflappable agents at each polling place, equipped with 44 vehicles, food, water, satellite phones, fully charged iPhones, and tons of completely charged batteries. It’s either now or never. Linda Kura,” said Miguna in a tweet.

Because the Deep State is doing everything it can to ensure Raila Odinga of Azimio becomes Kenya’s 5th President, Miguna, who doesn’t trust Raila Odinga, has asked Ruto’s staff to protect votes; else, they will sob in the bathroom come August.


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