KIM KARDASHIAN posts pictures from NORTH WEST’s extravagant 9th birthday celebration, which included the group traveling to “Camp North” on KIM’s personal aircraft.


Kim Kardashian has published images from North West’s unusual 9th birthday celebration.

The group of North remained in the wilderness.

The celebrant and her guests flew to her 9th birthday celebration in Kim’s private jet, which was decked up in jungle-themed decorations, including pillows that resembled logs and a ceiling covered in fake spiderwebs.

The 9-year-old and her friends wore matching pajamas with “Camp North” embroidered on them as they traveled to “Camp North” next.

They played outside and went rafting as well.

Similar beds with deer heads and fake blood were also present.

Kim Kardashian gushed to Jimmy Fallon about North’s “spooky wilderness-themed” party earlier this month.


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