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Youths in the Kalenjin community are urged by RIGATHI GACHAGUA to stop this barbaric practice of rustling livestock.


Rigathi Gachagua, the running partner of Deputy President William Ruto, has brutally insulted young people in the Kalenjin community and accused them of being involved in cattle rustling in the North Rift.

The majority of cattle rustling occurs in the counties of Nakuru, Nandi, West Pokot, and Baringo, and according to Gachagua, this is the responsibility of young members of the Kalenjin population.

Speaking at a gathering in Njoro, Molo County, over the weekend, Gachagua, a Mathira member of parliament, cautioned the youth against cattle rustling and emphasized that everyone should reap the rewards of their labor.

The phrase “Vijana wetu hapa wa jamii ya Kalenjin ambao kazi yao ni kuiba ng’ombe na kuiba mifugo” is used. Ngome ng’ombe za wenyewe tumeomba watu wawachane. Achunge ng’ombe yake kila mtu. Tumekubaliana. Mambo ya wizi ya ng’ombe ya jamii zingine tafadhali tuachane nayo, vijana wetu ya Kalenjin.

The phrase “Tuheshimiane kila mtu akule mali yake.” (Please let everyone take care of their cows, our Kalenjin youth who work stealing people’s animals. Please don’t let us continue to take livestock from neighboring towns. Let each person focus on their own property),” Gachagua said.

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