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RIGATHI GACHAGUA does it once more by criticizing Deputy Speaker MOSES CHEBOI, a close friend of RUTO, for doing little to help the residents of Kuresoi North.


Rigathi Gachagua, the running mate of Deputy President William Ruto, has demonstrated to be a wild public speaker who says anything and anything without concern for repercussions.

Gachagua is so irresponsible that everytime he speaks, he is accused of scaring away Ruto’s supporters.

One of Ruto’s dependable lieutenants in the Rift Valley is his most recent victim, who he subtly reprimanded for doing nothing for his constituency.

Gachagua implied that Moses Cheboi, the MP for Kuresoi North, had not done a good job in terms of road infrastructure on Twitter.

He grumbled that the area had terrible roads, but in spite of the difficulties, they had been able to get about and promote their bottom-up economic agenda to the locals.

Gachagua tweeted that “despite the poor roads, we arrived to Mung’etho center in Kuresoi North in heavy rain to restate our bottom-up economic model as the only way to better the lives of the majority of common residents.”

Unexpectedly, the tweet was posted while Cheboi was entertaining Gachagua in his district.

Cheboi is a prominent member of Ruto’s inner circle and serves as the National Assembly’s deputy speaker at the moment.

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