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MUTAHI NGUNYI says WAJACKOYAH has overtaken DP RUTO in terms of popularity – His Bhang idea was God sent!

Prof. George Wajackoyah of the Roots Party has received plaudits from renowned political analyst Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi for surpassing Deputy President William Ruto in the popularity stakes before the presidential election on August 9.

Ngunyi believes that whereas Ruto formerly enjoyed popularity for the Bwana Asifiwe philosophy he promoted, Wajackoyah has already surpassed him by promoting “genuine opium” to the general populace.

When Prof. Wajackoyah establishes the government in August, legalizing marijuana will be his top priority.

Wajackoyah is the next great thing in the country, according to Ngunyi, a blogger who currently works at State House, because he is closely followed everywhere he goes.

“According to Karl Marx, “…Religion is the OPIUM of the masses”. And this is what “Bwana Asifiwe” has been SELLING. But Wajakoyah is giving the REAL opium to the masses. 

“This is a HOSTILE takeover AGAINST Ruto. #FreedomIsComing,” Ngunyi stated on his Twitter page on Tuesday.


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