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IRUNGU NYAKERA’s threat to leave the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, like KABOGO, puts DP RUTO in danger.

Irungu Nyakera, the leader of the Farmers Party and candidate for governor of Murang’a, has joined the list of Mount Kenyan party leaders who have been grumbling about being treated unfairly by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

According to Nyakera, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) politicians are primarily drawn from Mount Kenya and have been urging the local electorate to solely support UDA party candidates.

They demand that the DP Ruto-led party be used to elect the president, governors, senators, female representatives, members of parliament, and county assembly members.

According to Nyakera, six-piece politics are no longer relevant, and Kenyans should now only elect candidates based on their manifestos.

According to Nyakera, “six-piece suit politics are long gone, and Kenyans should elect politicians based on their track records, honesty, and manifestos.”

The leader of the Tujibebe Wakenya party, William Gitau Kabogo, who has since declared that he is following his own path, the leader of the The Service Party (TSP), Mwangi Kiunjuri, and the member of parliament for Gatundu South, Moses Kuria, are additional members of the Kenya Kwanza alliance who have voiced similar complaints.


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