Hours after revealing she is expecting her second kid, SUMMER WALKER walks completely topless on the red carpet at the BET Awards.


Summer Walker strutted on the red carpet at the 22nd annual BET Awards wearing a virtually naked gown, just hours after revealing that she is expecting her second child.

The singer walked the red carpet at the awards ceremony topless, using gold pasties merely to conceal her nipples. She complemented her black stilettos with a matching gold coin-shaped short skirt.

Summer Walker, a 26-year-old nominee for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, announced her pregnancy by saying:

“I’ve had people ask me if I’m pregnant… I am, and you should know that I am ecstatic about it.

Very enthusiastic about it. And because it will be different from how it was in the past, I am quite excited about it. It’s quite calm and joyful, with tons of support and affection.

The singer of No Love acknowledged that she broke the news early to avoid speculation and hearsay, something she was unable to achieve with her first child.

Summer included;

“The only reason I’m even speaking out is because the last time I felt extremely insulted since I wasn’t given the opportunity to express myself.

“I know it kind of goes with the job, but before I could even announce my pregnancy, people were taking pictures of me in the store and sending them to The Shade Room. That, in my opinion, was quite disrespectful, and it really upset me.

After dating for two years, London on da Track, a producer, and Summer currently share a 1-year-old daughter. According to BET, she is currently expecting a child with her current partner, LVRD Pharoh.


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