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Be not deceived! Uhuru has been irreparably damaged by RUTO. See what made the president decide to stop campaigning for RAILA?


Different interpretations have been made of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s extraordinary decision to withdraw from Raila Odinga’s campaigns despite his assurances of support.

While some supporters of Azimio think the move was made strategically to counter Deputy President William Ruto’s spreading influence across the nation, others think Uhuru withdrew from Raila’s campaigns because he felt the DP had irreparably damaged him and that he was now more of a liability than an asset.

Political analyst Prof. Gitile Naituli asserted in an interview that Uhuru understood that he is very unpopular as a result of Ruto and that the only way to support Raila Odinga in Mount Kenya was to refrain from participating in his campaigns.

Naituli claimed that the president is aware of how unpopular he is and that the only way he can support Raila Odinga in Central Kenya and the rest of the nation is by staying away from his campaigns.

Uhuru has been the target of Ruto’s abuse. He has been using Raila Odinga as an example of his persistent failures.



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