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Reality strikes the RUTO side when SUSAN KIHIKA misses the Nakuru discussion out of respect for KINYANJUI of Azimio. These people don’t even have a plan.


Susan Kihika, a senator for Nakuru County and a UDA candidate for governor, made headlines yesterday when she skipped the Nakuru candidates’ debate, demonstrating once more that the Kenya Kwanza, led by Deputy President William Ruto, had no plans for Kenyans.

Ken Mijungu moderated the discussion, which aired on KTN News, and asked various questions of the five contenders vying for the position, including the incumbent Lee Kinyanjui of Azimio.

Kihika reportedly skipped the debate out of concern that Lee Kinyanjui, who had sworn to reveal the deception that she is, would embarrass her.

Kihika allegedly skipped the Nakuru mayoral debate to attend a meeting with the villagers.

All of the candidates were invited to the live program, according to debate moderator Ken Mijungu.

Kihika, calling Mijungu a “biased” journalist, criticized the news presenter in a statement, accusing him of misleading the public about her commitment to attend the discussion.

The senator explained her decision, noting that she went to a meeting with more than 4,000 Nakuru county residents instead.

Ken Mijiungu writes to KTN, “Dear KTN, journalism is a great calling to the foundations of facts and truth. For a journalist to lie to viewers on national television, such as KTN, is not only dishonorable but also immoral. You are fully aware that I never promised to show up for the debate.

She said, “I made my choice to be among the people between a prior obligation of a meeting of 4,000 people of Nakuru and a prejudiced journalist moderating a debate.

Various Kenyans responded to Kihika’s statement, with some UDA supporters applauding her for her initiative while others arguing for the value of politicians taking part in debates.

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