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DP RUTO warns UHURU and Deep State, saying, “I know all your secrets, and you will be horrified if you try to rig me in August.”


William Ruto, the deputy president, has oozed assurance that he will triumph in this year’s next presidential election, which is scheduled for August 9th.

Ruto said he is aware that the government and the notorious deep state are attempting to rig him out but dared them not to try since he is aware of all their plans in a speech he gave on Sunday while running for office in Mombasa.

The second-in-command declared that nobody, not even the so-called “deep state,” would steal any of his votes.

Does there exist a deep state or system that I am unaware of? Do I appear to be someone who could be manipulated? In Juja, Kiambaa, and Msambweni, we overthrew the system. In August, we will defeat Mr. Odinga, the deep state candidate, declared Ruto.

In his final statement, Ruto pledged to carefully preserve his votes and to reject any attempt at rigging.



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