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Because of the bouncers’ brutal attack on a woman that was caught on camera, Alchemist Bar might once more be shut down.


After bouncers were shown on camera aggressively abusing a woman, Alchemist bar is back open.

In the footage, numerous partygoers can be seen watching as the defenseless woman is dragged over the ground near the entrance.

The bouncers allegedly roughed up the tweep who took the video on Saturday night and demanded that she delete the recording.

“You can see why we need to #ShutDownAlchemist after watching how these bouncers at Alchemist treated this woman last night. I’m not sure what the argument was about, but you can see the bouncers attempting to carry, drag, and physically restrain the woman before finally disengaging.

A woman who saw the incident posted on Twitter that “there’s no reason that would justify treating someone like way, especially given I highly doubt a similar thing would have happened had she been a man or white.”

The bouncers, however, didn’t end there. You can see some folks discovering that I’ve been filming at the end of the video. Immediately after, two bouncers entered the building and ordered me to remove the footage. They stood in front of me and one of them attempted to grab my arm when I refused and begged to leave. I requested to leave and told them not to touch me. They announced that they would get the manager as they stood in front of me. she added



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