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As evidence that RUTO and his Kenya Kwanza have no plans for Kenyans, RIGATHI GACHAGUA defends RAILA’s Azimio. Take a look at what he did in Nakuru.


The Kenya Kwanza campaign team of Deputy President William Ruto, led by Rigathi Gachagua, set up camp near Nakuru over the weekend in an effort to garner support.

However, the Kenya Kwanza team concentrated on insulting the Azimio candidates in the county, led by Governor Lee Kinyanjui, rather than promoting their platform to voters.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui emerged with all guns blazing hours later.

The Azimio governor candidate discredited UDA rallies by alleging they were full of insults directed at him in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

Governor Lee specifically criticized Rigathi Gachagua, claiming that he turned his attention away from selling the UDA’s manifesto to the villagers in favor of focusing on him.

He slammed Ruto’s team, alleging that they used name-calling strategies rather of concentrating on important matters like combating corruption as one approach to guarantee the Kenyan youth secure a respectable living.

“The yellow team claimed to be in Nakuru to promote their manifesto, but along the way they lost track of their goal and became preoccupied with me. You have spoken my name 28 times over your entire tour, compared to your flagbearer’s 22. Am I included in your manifesto? Although we anticipated a sober, issue-based campaign free of slurs and epithets, we received a heavy dose of it. Even people who formerly viewed you favorably now recognize your place in the world. Lee said, “Watu wa matusi.

Lee asserts that Ruto’s party may have recognized that the situation in the County, which is located on the Rift Valley, has altered, and that they have since increased their visits in an effort to turn the situation in their favor.

He stated that rather than being influenced by a candidate’s frequency of visits to Nakuru, the county’s voting patterns will be determined by their interests and record.

When the time comes, Lee continued, “you will understand that our voting will be determined by our interests and record, not by the quantity of visits, the severity of insults, the size of paid crowds, the length of the convoy, or the quantity of billboards.”



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