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SIMPLE STIVO PRITTY VISHY, BOY’s ex-girlfriend, publicly cleans up her father’s messes and reveals that he was found having sex with her mother’s sister.

Pritty Vishy, a controversial content producer and Stivo Simple Boy’s former lover, has disclosed that her father was a rough man when they were kids.

Pritty asserted in an interview with Mungai Eve that her father had an affair with her mother’s aunt whenever she was away working.

When her mother announced her return home, they were once caught with their pants down.

She also disclosed that their father had married an older lady after abandoning them when they were children.

“While my dad was doing activities with my aunt, my mum would go do laundry for folks. My mother fought so hard to convince our father to help us, but what really wounded me was that he abandoned her for a much older woman,” she added.

Pritty claimed that her father called her and begged her to take down the video after she revealed on Father’s Day that he was a deadbeat parent.

She questioned why he wanted to dominate her when they had not spoken in years and refused to comply with his demands.

“My dad had never searched for me throughout the years, so when I became famous and mentioned him, he did. He found me and ordered me to take the video down, but who are you to command me, bro? Now that he wants to talk to me, I might forgive him in the future, but not anytime soon, she continued.


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