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POLYCARP IGATHE now acknowledges SAKAJA might defeat him in August, but he still intends to win easily.


Kenya Kwanza candidate Johnson Sakaja is a deserving opponent in the upcoming general election on August 9th, according to Nairobi Azimio candidate Polycarp Igathe.

Igathe implied that Sakaja is too strong and competent to not give him a fight for his money when the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) presented him with the Private Sector Economic Manifesto for Nairobi County.

But he determined to do everything in his power to guarantee that he comes out on top.

Igathe expressed confidence in beating Sakaja on the ballot in the August polls.

At the same time, Igathe noted that there are no permanent enemies in politics, adding that he will extend a hand to Sakaja and work with him in developing Nairobi.

“Johnson Sakaja is a worthy competitor, but he is not my enemy. He is a Kenyan who is putting himself up for candidature just as I have. When I win on August 10, I will work with him. I will consult him because I am beating him at 8:57 am,” Igathe added.

With permanent interest at heart, Igathe added that working with the Kenya Kwanza Coalition candidate will be for the benefit of Nairobi residents.

“Let’s refrain from conflict and continue to communicate civilly and listen to one another. Politics is not animosity because Kenya is one undivided, indivisible country, he declared.

Between Senator Sakaja and Igathe, the contest for Nairobi governor has been dubbed a “battle royale.”

In addition to the two candidates, the election has drawn non-politicians who are keen to succeed Kananu in City Hall.

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