In August, DP RUTO reveals to RAILA ODINGA and “Deep State” where he will obtain the funding for his manifesto.


Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for the Azimio One Kenya Alliance, had questioned Deputy President William Ruto on how he would pay for his manifesto.

When he forms the government in August, Ruto has been promising millions of shillings to Mama Mbogas, cart pushers, and young people without jobs.

In particular, when it comes to giving each ward in Kenya Sh 100 million to support small enterprises, Raila has questioned the source of Ruto’s funds.

But Ruto, who gave a speech in Taita Taveta County on Friday, said that he would receive funding from the same source as President Uhuru Kenyatta, who during his administration built roads, a Standard Gauge Railway line, and provided energy to a major portion of the nation.

“These guys are requesting my source of funding for investments. My fellow citizens, I want to ask you a very basic question: where did they obtain the money to build the roads, the Standard Gauge Railway line, and the energy connection?, Ruto remarked.

Raila Odinga and his team were further instructed by the second in command to pack their stuff and leave if they felt they could not fund their manifesto by the end of August.

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