After serving six years in prison for drug trafficking, Kenyan socialite PESH will be released from Ghanaian custody next month.


After spent six years in prison, Kenyan socialite Peninah Lema Munyithya, often known as Pesh, is anticipated to come home from Ghana in the upcoming month.

Moments after arriving in the West African nation of Ghana in July 2015, Pesh was detained at an airport there.

It was claimed that her Ghanaian boyfriend had secretly packed the pills in her suitcase.

She spent a year on remand before receiving a six-year prison term in July 2016.

After sharing seductive photographs on social media, she started her socialite career in January 2015.

Before being detained, she enjoyed seven months of popularity as a socialite and posted pictures of her excursions to various locations across the globe.

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