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As specialists declare that the virus poses a “serious worldwide threat,” a man contracts a sexually transmitted disease from a prostitute.

After an Austrian man contracted a drug-resistant strain of the STI, scientists issued a warning about a supergonorrhea that posed a “serious worldwide hazard.”

The unnamed 50-year-old guy contracted the disease after engaging in unprotected sex with a prostitute while on vacation in Cambodia in April.

He had scorching agony when urinating and discharge from his penis five days after he got home. He received normal medicines after medical tests confirmed he had gonorrhea.

The man’s symptoms vanished after taking the medications, but he tested positive still, therefore the treatment was technically ineffective.

His strain was described by doctors as being “extensively drug resistant” and unique from others.

Such strains “represent a huge global public health concern,” according to the report’s lead author, Dr. Sonja Pleininger of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety.

Many gonorrhoea cases may become incurable if such strains are able to establish a sustained transmission, the expert said.

To lessen the effects of drug resistance strains, the scientists suggested developing new treatments that specifically target the gonorrhoea bacteria or developing an effective gonorrhoea vaccine.

Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, a combination antibiotic, was ultimately used to treat the man for a week. Later tests came up negative.

Experts who described the man’s case in the journal Eurosurveillance claimed that because the Cambodian sex worker could not be located and that there is a chance that it would happen again.


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