You won’t believe who just sponsored the Ganja man. RAILA and RUTO are playing catch-up as WAJACKOYAH’s State House quest becomes unstoppable.


George Wajackoyah’s State House campaign is now unstoppable, according to the Roots Party candidate.

This comes after a former rival supported his unusual policies and supported him for president.

Njeru Kathangu, a former Runyenjes MP, claimed in a press conference on Wednesday that Wajackoyah’s platform to legalize marijuana and profit from snake farming planned to revolutionize the nation.

Not all Kenyans would be obliged to use marijuana, as some have suggested, but adequate research would be done to find useful applications for the plant, according to Kathangu.

He won’t mandate that everyone smoke one bhang msokoto (roll) each day, whether he is the President or not.

“Look, research on it, find out what is good from it just like miraa and see what can be done that would benefit us,” he stated.

Kathangu maintained that the snake farming industry was mainly undeveloped and that it would advance medical science while empowering Kenyans.

He pointed out that in 1955, when Kenya was still a British territory, some rare snake species—particularly the most poisonous—were brought to the nation.

“We have a ton of snakes, some of which the white man brought with him when Embakasi was being built. Prisoners taken from Meru, Embu, and the central province completed it (the building).

“Those guys were making their getaway via the woods. The Mzungus concluded that we need not bother about pursuing these individuals. In 1955, Jeremiah Kiereini was in charge,” he continued.

Since the majority of the prisoners had been exploited as free labor for the construction of the nation’s greatest airport, he believed that the commercialization of snakes constituted a decolonization process.

“The Mzungus traveled the entire commonwealth to capture every poisonous snake, and they succeeded. They were transported in baskets. You are aware that Wajackoyah is advocating for our decolonization. Why don’t you employ such snakes for profit if you have them?” he said.

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