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Kenyans should rest easy knowing that RUTO will tackle corruption head-on by going head-to-head with President UHURU and his thieving allies.


William Ruto, the nominee for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), met with representatives of the local civic society on Tuesday at Hermosa in Karen, Nairobi County.

The 2022 presidential contender was accompanied by a number of political heavyweights, including UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina, Kandara MP Alice Wahome, and Governor Josphat Nanok (Turkana).

The second-in-command of the nation emphasized during the event that the situation the nation is in is due to rife corruption at both levels of government.

The Deputy President declared he will give the battle against corruption top priority while exuding confidence that he will win the presidential elections on August 9.

He added that corruption must be combated institutionally so that everyone, including the President, is held accountable. He stated that the Kenya Kwanza Government will not spare anyone.

We must avoid making corruption personal or political.

To ensure that everyone, including the President, is held accountable, Ruto added, “We must address it from an institutional space.”

He contends that the fight against corruption has been lost because it has become personalized and the essential institutions have been undermined.

Because it is being led by someone from someplace, he claimed, the fight against corruption hasn’t advanced much.

According to Ruto, his administration will create and strengthen independent institutions tasked with combating corruption.

“We will be held accountable for ensuring that the institutions are strong enough to handle everyone.”

State capture and conflicts of interest are issues that need to be addressed, he said.

The former agriculture minister also disclosed that the shortage of human resources prevented the judiciary from functioning effectively in the fight against corruption since President Uhuru Kenyatta had not appointed the six of the 40 remaining judges.

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