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JOHNSON SAKAJA has been granted a temporary reprieve when CUE validated his contentious degree credential from Uganda, pending additional inquiries.


The Commission of University Education, headed by Chacha Nyaigoti-Chacha, revoked the legitimacy of a degree offered by Senator Johnson Sakaja last Friday.

Even after the IEBC cleared the Senator, the commission insisted that Sakaja’s Team University degree should still not be recognized.

The Nairobi mayoral candidate preferred to file charges of contempt of court against the commission due to its steadfast stance.

But CUE announced that it had withheld the letter rescinding recognition of Sakaja’s degree until inquiries into the validity of the degree are finished in their response to the court.

According to court documents, “The respondent seeks to certify to the court that the basis of this action is the 14 June 2022 from which review is requested is hereby withdrawn awaiting additional investigations by the respondents – CUE which investigations are underway.”

After Sakaja filed a contempt of court complaint against CUE for allegedly disobeying court orders by maintaining that his degree is still invalid, the commission took this action.

According to court records, “On the even date, June 17, 2022, at 7:00 p.m., the Contemnor herein, one CHACHA NYAIGOTI-CHACHA, who is the Respondent’s Board Chairman, went live on all major national televisions and other media fora wherein he issued a press statement whose contents were a mockery and contemptuous of the Court’s orders earlier served upon the Respondent.”

The Contemnor subsequently issued a signed press statement to all media outlets on June 20, 2022, about 5:00 p.m., in which he purportedly made reference to the Applicant, the status quo ante orders, and the court procedure in general. Added he.

On Friday of last week, the court issued an injunction delaying the letter that had revoked Sakaja’s degree

Sakaja’s degree is still legitimate despite the suspicions surrounding it thanks to the commission’s U-turn.

Although the CUE’s action provides the young politician with some relief, he is not quite out of the woods because the DCI is still looking into him for forging academic documents.



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