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If you vote for me, the billions that President UHURU KENYATTA’s family has hidden away in foreign accounts will all be returned. candidate for president WAHIGA.

After the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) connected the first family to 13 offshore firms holding billions of shillings in assets, President Uhuru’s family made headlines on 2021.

President Uhuru Kenyatta pledged to shed light on the billions his family members allegedly stored in offshore accounts, but he has yet to make a full denial of the claims.

The majority of his political opponents urged the Head of State to declare his riches publicly if he was serious about the battle against corruption in the nation.

President Uhuru is concerned as he completes his term in office because 2022 presidential challenger David Waihiga has promised to find billions stashed abroad.

“I do not want to say that I will insist on treating Nigeria’s former President Sani Abacha in the same manner, which is to demand that he repay all the billions he took from his people. They will undoubtedly have to bring back all of that money, Waihiga stated, without intending to frighten anyone.

“I am a clergyman, and I have a perfect reputation for integrity. I will demand that all the embassies in the nation assist us in recovering the stolen funds so that we can reinvigorate our economy, he said.

The presidential candidate for the Agano Party also pledged to put into action any recommendations about significant scandals in the nation, claiming that there is currently no political goodwill because those involved are connected to people in authority.

“I will also seek to be given access to all investigative findings of significant scandals in this country on my second day in office. I shall be in a clean position to pursue the big fish because I know full well that neither my identity nor the names of my family members are listed in those reports. And I will,” he declared.

Waihiga cautioned Kenyans not to support candidates who are spending billions on their campaigns prior to the 2022 elections.

He observed that “such characters will first claim their costs from the national economy, thereby prolonging our suffering in absorbing the harsh impacts of corruption.”


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