Despite being permitted by the IEBC to compete for governor of Nairobi, JOHNSON SAKAJA is still in hot water because CUE insists that his degree is a forgery.


Johnson Sakaja, a senator from Nairobi, has maintained that his degree credential is still not accepted by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

Even as this was happening, Sakaja was given permission by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to contest for the position of Nairobi governor using a forged Teams University degree certificate.

CUE Chairman Chacha Nyaigotti said in a statement that despite the senator’s failure to show there as requested, their decision stands.

Chacha regretted the senator’s decision to skip the commission hearing.

He was required to give it a list of documents attesting to his graduation from Teams University in Uganda.

Chacha stated, “We want Sakaja to know that CUE is the only institution that is required by law to accept foreign earned degrees in order to allow IEBC to grant them with a nomination to run as governor/DG, or president/DP.

Sakaja was asked to provide the commission with a number of items, including his graduation pictures, his application for the course, the university’s letter of acceptance, and proof of registration, such as his student ID.

The artifacts, according to Chacha, will aid the committee in confirming the legitimacy of his degree.

The Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (ATS), the course description, and the course Units Sakaja completed while a member of Team are some other sources.

The transcripts, exam schedules, graduation booklet with Sakaja’s name on it, and receipts for the application fee, tuition, graduation, and convocation have all been requested in a letter, Chacha added.

Despite the Senator being absent, Chacha nonetheless granted him a chance to deliver the required paperwork while the investigation is ongoing.


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