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Tokeni hapa mara moja, I don’t want you here! When RUTO loses his calm, he expels the reporters from his meeting.


After going ballistic on unbiased journalists who were merely carrying out their duties and ejecting them from his rally yesterday, Deputy President William Ruto revealed his true colors.

Along with his running companion, Rigathi Gachagua, Ruto had visited Nakuru in the Rift Valley to raise support for his August State House quest. At the event were Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika as well as other politicians and media.

Ruto questioned who had invited them and charged the journalists of spreading false information.

In order to discuss what he called “serious subjects,” the Kenya Kwanza presidential contender promptly ordered the journalists present to leave the Njoro property where the meeting was taking place.

“Why are there so many media outlets here? Please go, we need to talk about some serious things. They are not welcome here. You sell a lot of propaganda, so give us some room,” Ruto commanded.

Journalists were forced to wait for the deputy president to brief them on the “important subjects” they were debating for more than three hours as a result.

It is understood that the second in command has already expelled journalists from his meetings.

Press personnel were expelled from Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) National Delegates Convention in March 2022.

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