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“See what happened to me after I spoke up. What say you? – The ex-wives of Johnny Depp, according to AMBER HEARD, are afraid to openly accuse him of assault.

Because of “what happened to” her, according to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-wives are afraid to openly accuse him of abuse.

Heard, 36, said to Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Dateline that she was “terrified” to give her side of the incident.

Heard is the only woman to have come out with allegations of abuse against Depp, Guthrie noted in the interview.

Guthrie questioned why no one else had come forward if they had experienced the same brutal treatment.

‘Look what happened to me when I came forward,’ Heard retorted. What say you?

Kate Moss, Depp’s ex-girlfriend, testified in his defense during the defamation trial that Heard ultimately lost against Depp. From 1994 through 1998, she dated him.

She disproved Heard’s assertion that Depp had threw his supermodel ex down a flight of stairs, dealing the actress a shocking blow.

Heard stated that she had heard claims that Depp had allegedly shoved Moss down a flight of stairs, but Moss testified in Depp’s favor that the actor had really assisted her after she had stumbled.

Heard made the assertion while talking about a dispute she supposedly had with Depp at the top of a staircase, during which she claimed her sister Whitney Heard intervened.

She put herself in harm’s way, Heard testified to the court. She was requesting Johnny to cease. Johnny swings at her while she had her back to the stairwell. I don’t pause or wait; instead, I immediately see stairs and Kate Moss. I then struck him.

Depp never “pushed her or shoved her down any stairs,” according to Moss, who testified at the hearing; rather, she claimed that he attended to her after she fell on a trip they took to Jamaica.

Heard added that while the “hate and vitriol” showered at her had hurt her, she did not regret filing the lawsuit.

For anyone speaking out about sexual abuse, she said, “I know the scariest, most terrifying thing is not being believed, being branded a liar, or being humiliated.”

Heard said she was being ‘vindictive’ by keeping quiet.

She remarked, “This would be a terribly bad way to exact revenge.”

As ridiculous as it sounds, “I just want people to view me as a human being,” is my aim.

Heard’s crew said they were unapologetic despite the criticism Heard’s interview received.

A spokesperson for Johnny Depp told, “If Mr. Depp or his team have a problem with this, we recommend that Johnny sit down with Savannah Guthrie for an hour and answer all of her questions,” as Heard called Depp, 59, a “liar” and reaffirmed her claims that he beat her and sexually assaulted her while they were dating.

A jury determined earlier this month that Heard defamed her ex-husband by writing a story about experiencing sexual assault for the Washington Post.

She was mandated to pay $5 million in punitive penalties and $10 million in compensatory damages to actor Johnny Depp, though the judge reduced the second amount to $350,000 in accordance with Virginia law.

Depp left the case with Heard owing him $8.35 million after receiving a comparatively meager $2 million in compensatory damages.


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