See how BABA permanently silenced him as RUTO accuses RAILA of being the reason for his yesterday’s stoning in Jacaranda.


William Ruto, a Kwanza candidate for president, and Raila Odinga, an Azimio contender, had a heated argument over the Sunday Jacaranda pandemonium.

After his convoy was stoned, Ruto, who had organized a rally at Jacaranda, received an unwelcoming greeting from several locals.

The DP accused Raila of recruiting rowdy youths to interrupt his rally during the turbulent event.

The DP posted a statement on his social media accounts that read, “Mr. Kitendawili, The Lord of Violence has done it again: Hired innocent, desperate, and jobless young people – victims of his sabotage of the Big4 jobs programme, to shed innocent blood in his unending desire for power.”

“On Father’s Day, what a shame! Freedom is coming on August 9th, Mr. Father of Violence!

Kenyans’ reactions to his words were conflicted, with some of his fans standing by him and some who held a different opinion criticizing him.

In response, Raila scoffed at the DP’s tendency to lay blame for his problems on others.

He characterized the DP’s claim as an attempt to gain sympathy votes and added that the strategy had failed.

How long will you continue to blame everyone for your misfortune, Mr. Six Months? Being directionless, illiterate, and plan-less is unacceptable, Raila retorted.


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