All Chinese nationals selling roasted maize in Kenya would be deported, warns DP RUTO.


Once he establishes the government in August, Deputy President William Ruto has declared that he will deport any Chinese citizens who are selling roasted corn in Kenya.

The Chinese persons who sell roasted maize in Kenya and also perform various local tasks will be deported, according to Ruto, who was speaking on Tuesday at the Nairobi business summit hosted by the Kenya Kwanza Alliance. Kenyans are expected to perform those tasks.

The second in command went on to say that his government would never permit Chinese or any other outsiders to carry out native Kenyans’ jobs.

Ruto uttered, “Wachina wote wanachoma Mahindi Kenya,nitawapandisha Ndege Warudi Kwao.”

He added that because dynasties will continue to persecute Kenyans, his administration would be made up of hustlers and Mama Mbogas.

In his final remarks, Ruto urged Kenyans to accept his Bottom-up economic strategy, claiming it would address all of their problems since independence.


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