SIMPLE STIVO On Father’s Day, PRITTY VISH, BOY’s dramatic ex-girlfriend, shames her father and explains why he is a useless guy.


Pritty Vishy, the contentious ex-girlfriend of rapper Stivo Simple Boy, declined to honor her father on Sunday as the globe observed Father’s Day.

Pritty shared a picture of her mother and claimed that since her father is a deadbeat, she deserves the praise.

Fans responded to her post, with the majority of them criticizing her for disrespecting her father.

One of her followers informed her, “But no mother can replace a father.”

Another supporter commented, “Think twice before you post..mzazi ni mzazi,kama sii babako haungekuwa hapa.”

“Baby gal your mother can never be your father, no matter the circumstances, the two can ever switch,” another fan informed her.

Her Father’s Day post is included here.


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