Opinions vary when the mother brings her 5-year-old boy to the spa and posts pictures on Twitter.


A mother who tweeted pictures of herself and her 5-year-old on a spa date sparked a discussion in the comment section.

After taking her son to the spa, the mother who goes by the handle @Cecez daughter said she felt like the world’s best mother.

“Guys, assemble here. My five-year-old and I just had a small spa day, complete with hot stone massages and foot therapy. My kid is ecstatic and can’t wait for us to do it again. Please believe that I am the best mother ever.

Twitter users, particularly men, reacted negatively to her pampering her son and demonstrating the “soft life” while some applauded her for it. They think he should be playing football instead of going to the spa because that is “a woman’s thing.”

See the comments below….

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