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After 10 months of marriage, a woman learns that her “husband” is actually a scam artist.

Ten months after their wedding, a woman learned that her spouse was actually a woman in disguise.

After the case gained attention, the 22-year-old woman, who has been given the initials NA, revealed her experience on social media.

It follows the accused’s Tuesday, June 14 appearance before the Jambi District Court in Indonesia, where they are known only by their initials AA.

The victim said that in May 2021, she had a dating app match with the con artist.

The defendant impersonated a coal industrialist who had recently converted to Islam and was looking for a wife, as well as a male surgeon with US training.

In a nikah siri marriage that is recognized by religion but not by the state, the victim wedded the man after three months because she had come to believe him.

The groom was unable to submit the necessary civil paperwork, so they were unable to hold a state-approved wedding.

The newlyweds spent many months residing with the victim’s parents. During this time, AA kept requesting money from her parents while being unable to show any documentation of his excellent credentials. This raised her parents’ suspicions.

Coconuts alleges that the conman’s relatives and acquaintances always supported his assertions about his professional background.

The conman whisked the bride away from her family and to Lahat, South Sumatra, Indonesia, so that she wouldn’t have to answer any more questions.

She spent the following months being kept within the house and not allowed to speak to anybody else. Her “husband” was in charge of their money as well.

NA’s worried mother alerted Jambi Police in April, and they found the couple in Lahat.

AA was proven to be a lady whose real name is EY during the course of the police investigation.

The family claimed that within the first 10 months of their marriage, they were defrauded of IDR 300 million, or £16,537.

When asked about their sex life on social media, the victim revealed that her “husband” would always turn out the lights and put a blindfold over her before sex.

The victim claimed that she was certain that EY utilized penetrating sexual equipment when they were making out, despite the con artist telling the police that she used her hands to please her wife.

NA added that EY told her to jump into a river even though she is incapable of swimming in an attempt to murder her.

EY may be facing multiple accusations; if found guilty, she may spend up to 10 years in prison. The victim’s parents denounced EY to the authorities for falsifying school records.

The Jambi District Court is still hearing the case.


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