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Since his friend and classmate KANINI KEGA has confirmed the worst, SAKAJA should ask for pardon for lying to Kenyans all these years.

Johnson Sakaja, a UDA candidate for governor of Nairobi, has received official confirmation from the University of Nairobi that he was a student there.

The organization, however, also acknowledged that he did not hold a degree from the University of Nottingham because he did not finish his studies and hence was not yet eligible to graduate.

Many requirements, including some that challenged Sakaja to at least identify his classmates’ identities, have put him under a lot of pressure.

In a statement made yesterday, Kieni MP Kanini Kega asserted that the current Nairobi senator left school in 2007.

Sakaja dropped out of school to join the Vijana na Kibaki lobby organization during the 2007 General Election, according to Kega, who claims to have known Sakaja well since they were both students on the same campus.

“I want to state the obvious: Sakaja has been my friend for a very long time, and I am aware that he left school in 2007. When he dropped in 2007, I was with him. I myself had graduated, but he hadn’t. He left to join Vijana na Kibaki, according to Kanini.

Sakaja has never returned to school to complete his studies, claims the Kieni MP, a trusted ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“My pal Sakaja… Do Do the honorable thing and seek forgiveness.” Kanini said in a Facebook post.

Sakaja, a close friend of Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential candidate William Ruto, is the target of a petition that calls into doubt his academic credentials.


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