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RIGATHI GACHAGUA: Am I crazy? See what he said yesterday that RUTO found puzzling?
June 16, 20220

Rigathi Gachagua, the running partner of deputy president William Ruto, has done more damage to Ruto’s presidential campaign than good.

The Mathira lawmaker has been making news with his wild statements ever since he was chosen to be Ruto’s running mate.

Many people have said that William Ruto loses millions of presidential votes every time he speaks while he has the microphone because of his comments.

Rigathi was again at it on Wednesday during a campaign event in Kiambu County, this time claiming that if Ruto were to win the presidency, police personnel would be escorting drunk people to their spouses upon arrest.

Ruto’s administration would start reforming the police force to meet their American counterpart, said the presidential candidate for the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Wewe kama umekunywa chupa moja mbili ya kutafuta usingizi, Polisi akikutana na. Police station with a Land Cruiser, Akikuweka. Bibi yako akupeleke mpaka nyumbani. stated Gachagua.

Gachagua, a fervent opponent of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, claimed that Kenya’s police force had long been mistreated.


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