Reprieve for embattled RUTO’s man, JOHNSON SAKAJA, as High Court overturns CUE declaration on his fake degree – You won’t believe this.


Sen. Johnson Sakaja of Nairobi, who has been under fire, can now relax. This comes after the High Court temporarily stayed the Commission for University Education’s (CUE) decision to deny him credit for a degree he reportedly earned at Team’s University in Uganda.

Justice Jarius Ngaah ruled that the Commission must continue to recognize Sakaja’s degree as valid until further notice.

The statements Sakaja submitted in his affidavit were verified as factual, according to Justice Ngaah.

The petition reads, “An Order of Certiorari to remove into this Honorable Court and annul the decision of the Commission for University Education made on June 14, 2022, withdrawing the’recognition’ of the applicant’s degree from Team University, Kampala, Uganda.”

The Judge issued “An Order of Mandamus compelling the respondent herein to maintain the validity of the applicant’s degree pending further orders by the Honorable Court.”

Additionally, the judgment forbade the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) from removing the Senator from the list of approved candidates for the Nairobi county seat as governor.

I thus certify that the application is urgent after taking into account the statement filed with the application, the affidavit verifying the facts, and the exhibits thereto.

“Taking into account the evidence before the court, I am also convinced that the applicant has established a claim for granting permission to file a substantive request for judicial review of orders of certiorari, mandamus, and prohibition. As a result, leave is granted in accordance with the chamber’s second prayer, the judge ruled.

On June 22, Justice Ngaah issued an order requiring the motion to be filed, served, and followed by instructions within seven days.

The Senate’s clearance will be removed off the list, according to detractors of CUE’s decision to retract a previous recognition of Sakaja’s degree certificate.


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