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Did UHURU assist SAKAJA in obtaining three fraudulent degrees instead of just one? That explains why it just took one phone call to knock him down.

As Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja fights the accusations that he obtained a false degree from Team University in Uganda, information has come to light that points to President Uhuru Kenyatta as the person who assisted him in obtaining not one, but three bogus degrees.

This information was provided by Karen Wanjiku, a Nairobi nominated MCA and former coworker of Sakaja in TNA.

Wanjiku stated on Twitter that President Uhuru Kenyatta created Senator Sakaja from scratch.

She asserted that Sakaja prospered under Uhuru’s direction and that he personally assisted him in obtaining three bogus degrees in order to maintain his career.

She remarked that Uhuru has always been aware of every ghost in Sakaja’s closet and that it was unwise for the Nairobi Senator to enrage him by claiming the president would kill him because he is aware of the locations of the bodies buried in Sakaja’s closet.

“Sakaja was the brainchild of President Uhuru Kenyatta, and his worst mistake was fighting with strength while being all too aware that the State knows everything about him round-the-clock, starting with his forged diploma from the University of the Nile, St. Lawrence University, and Team University in Uganda. “Mkono wa serikali ni mrefu,” said Wanjiku.

Since then, Sakaja has attributed all of his problems to Uhuru.


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