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All prostitutes will vote for WAJACKOYAH to be the next president since he has promised to go above and beyond merely legalizing marijuana. This is peculiar.

George Wajackoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots Party of Kenya, is becoming more and more well-liked among young people in Kenya, especially in light of his peculiar platform.

Some of the contentious promises the 2022 presidential contender has made if he wins the presidency include the establishment of snake farming, four working days, and the legalization of marijuana.

Wajackoyah has made the astounding pledge to legalize prostitution in order to make sure that his presidential campaign themes are favorably received by the majority of Kenyans.

Wajackoyah claims that some of the women did work in commercial sex industries to make sure their kids had access to a good education.

Utilize mtu malaya kuanzia leo (Do not call anyone a prostitute from today). Considering that we’re also going to legalize prostitution,

Mama Zetu Walifanya Mambo Fulani Ndio Wasome: “Some of us. (Your mothers did some insane things to make sure you have an education. Ukweli ama uongo. False or true? Wajackoyah sat still.

Wajackoyah recounted the tale of Rahab, a Canaanite prostitute who also served as a biblical heroine.

Profiting from the prostitution of others and encouraging or assisting in the prostitution of others are both prohibited under sections 153 and 154 of the Penal Code.


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