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Socialite MISHI DORA is still in custody after failing to post a cash bond of Sh 50,000 as information about her being cursed to suffer after doing this to an MCA comes to light.


Mishi Dora, a controversial city socialite, is still in custody after failing to post a Ksh 50,000 cash bond.

After failing to pay a Ksh 152, 550 bill she accrued at a posh club on Mombasa Road, Dora was charged with contempt of court around two weeks ago.

She spent the entire night drinking with companions, ran up a sizable tab, and when she was told to pay it, she began to play cat and mouse with the management, which resulted in her arrest.

For her release while the matter is pending, the magistrate mandated that she post a cash bail of Ksh 50,000 and an alternative bond of Ksh 200,000.

She has not been successful in raising the bail, and the individuals she was partying with have vanished.

She may have been cursed to suffer after sending goons to attack Mayoni County Assembly member Libinus Odour, according to sources.

The MCA was ambushed by the ruthless thugs, who incapacitated him.

When the MCA and Mishi Dora’s relationship ended, he vowed to kill her.

Mishi shared graphic details about the man’s attempts to shoot her with a gun and run her over with his car, leaving her for several months paralyzed.

After he bought his release by bribing attorneys and court personnel, her search for justice at the time did not go very far.

She attacked him with goons as retaliation.

He was incapacitated by the thugs.

After the fatal incident, the MCA is supposed to have cursed Mishi.

Since then, she has experienced numerous difficulties.

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