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JUSTIN BIEBER on his battle with facial paralysis: “I know this storm will pass, Jesus is with me.”


Musician Justin Bieber says that his faith in Jesus has been a big help in coping with his recent health issues.

Over the weekend, Bieber announced he has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a disorder that causes facial paralysis.

After canceling three of his gigs, he made the announcement.

The condition develops when shingles impact a person’s facial nerve close to their ears.

A painful rash that sometimes spreads to the tongue and roof of the mouth, as well as vertigo and tinnitus, might be among the symptoms.

On the side of the face that the virus has infected, it might also result in paralysis.

Bieber demonstrated how the right half of his face did not move in a three-minute video he shared with his 240 million followers over the weekend by smiling and blinking.

Bieber wrote: “wanted to share a piece of how I’ve been feelin” on his Instagram story.

The Canadian added, “Each day has gotten better, and with all of the pain, I have found solace in the one who designed me and knows me.

He knows everything about me, I’m reminded. He is always open to receiving me into his loving arms even though he is aware of the worst aspects of me that I would rather no one knew about.

“During this terrifying storm I’m facing, this perspective has brought me comfort.”



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