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At the age of 11, I gave my virginity away to two “Ugly Looking” 30-year-old women who were friends with my mother.

DeRay Davis, an American comedian, has disclosed that he lost his virginity when he was 11 years old in a threesome with two 30-year-olds who were acquainted with his mother.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Davis made the surprising admission while discussing the rising number of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood.

Before discussing his own experience, the comedian and interviewer first discussed the claims against Terry Crews and Harvey Weinstein.

“I was a young man once… friends of my mother… My mum was active in numerous activities. However, I have encountered older ladies who have abused me.

They were two “ugly, horrible-looking women,” he said. He claimed to be “11 approaching 12 and hairless.” It was “disgusting,” he said. Because of what the two women did to him when he was a child, he claimed that it’s still challenging for him to “go down” on women.

He described the female vaginas as a “awful place to go” and a “frightening jungle,” adding that they “made [his] Kool-Aid taste weird.”


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