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25 years after breaking off their engagement, GWYNETH PALTROW and BRAD PITT acknowledge their continued affection for one another.


Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, who were once engaged, have acknowledged their continued affection for one another.

After three years of dating, the couple called off their engagement and ended their romance in 1997.

After 25 years, they have now admitted they are still in love with one another.

During a Goop interview, Brad and the creator of Goop discussed their failed engagement.

Gwyneth started up their conversation by talking about her late father Bruce, who influenced Brad’s perspective on fatherhood.

Okay, I’m going to ask you about Bruce since Father’s Day is soon approaching, Gwyneth remarked.

“I’ll never forget when we were engaged and he came to me one day, his eyes full of tears, and he said, ‘You know, I never really realised what they mean when they say you’re gaining a son. Like, I’m gaining a son.’”

“Yeah, right,” Brad answered. [Laughs.] Oh, man, everything turns out okay, right?

Yes, it does, Gwyneth exclaimed, referring to her future husband Brad Falchuk. The Brad I was intended to marry was finally found. Just 20 years for me.

Brad added, “And it’s great to have you as a buddy now. I do love you, too.

Gwyneth replied, “I love you so much.

Brad continued to praise Bruce, saying that he “truly developed your voice” and “your freedom.”

For you people to be who you are, he paved the road. And I believe that’s crucial to parenting, don’t you? In the Goop interview, Bradd continued.

The child is so free to discover their identity and their passions.

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