You’re anticipating the worse because I’ll show you dust in August, RAILA mocks RUTO over 1 million uncounted votes.


Deputy President William Ruto has received mockery from former prime minister Raila Odinga for his assertions that one million votes from his support bases had been removed from the voter rolls.

Speaking on Tuesday in Makueni County, Raila claimed that since Ruto was afraid, he was casting doubt on the legitimacy of the approaching elections.

Raila claims that Ruto made the claim that the IEBC removed one million voters from its register because he was beginning to lose heart about his impending loss in the August elections.

IEBC is required to hold free, fair, and verifiable elections, therefore Ruto was admonished to concentrate on his campaigns rather than sowing uncertainty and anxiety among voters.

DP Ruto had alleged there was a larger plot to rig the polls in August as he urged the international community to be vigilant and hold those involved accountable.

“We expect that everybody who is concerned including the EU to try and get as many details as possible both from the electoral commission and these public officials on what all this is all about and how did close to a million names disappear from the register. 

And a lot of those names come from the region we regard as our stronghold. When receiving ambassadors from the European Union at his Karen home, DP Ruto said, “It is apparent that they are playing some monkey games.

The DP encouraged the international community to get involved and make sure Kenya holds free and fair elections by stating to the EU envoys that Kenyans demanded answers from the electoral commission.

“We do not think they will succeed, but Kenyans are worried about these attempts. To deliver credible elections, we are prepared to collaborate with friends and the electoral commission, he continued.


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